Solving your sealing problems

At the Hairy Worm, we offer a full range of extrusions in rubber and plastics. Our high specification extrusions can be used for architectural sealing, including as draught excluders and weatherstripping for doors and windows, or in more robust applications such as incommercial ovens, medical equipment and the aerospace industry.

You can purchase our extrusions in a huge variety of standard colours, shapes and sizes , or, if you can't find what you're looking for, we can manufacture a bespoke extrusion designed to your exact specifications. Simply get in touch with our knowledgeable team to discuss your requirements.

Please Make a note of the die number you require (Highlighted Red)

Arrowhead extrusion


e Section extrusion

E Section

Glazing extrusion


H Section extrusion

H Section

Hollow D extrusion

Hollow D

Hollow Strip extrusion

Hollow Strip

Keyhole extrusion


L Section

L Section

Lip Seal extrusion

Lip Seals

Double P extrusion

P Double

Triangle extrusion


Large U extrusion

U Large

Medium U extrusion

U Medium

Small U extrusion

U Small

Door Seal extrusion

Door Seals

Auto Clave extrusion


Inflatable extrusion


Tank seals extrusion

Tank Seals

Tadpole Seal extrusion


Rounded U extrusion

U Rounded

Window Seal extrusion

Window Seals

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Extrusion Enquires

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