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The UK's top supplier of rubber and plastic sealing products for draught proofing and more!

The Hairy Worm is the manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of high quality sealing products and engineering components. Set up by rubber and plastics expert, George Culley, the company is well-equipped to solve a variety of draught-proofing and other sealing problems. George has over 38 years of experience in selling his draught excluders and extrusions in a variety of materials including rubber, aluminium and plastic. Our core value as a company is to take plain concepts using first class components and turn them into high-quality, long-lasting sealing products.

Looking for a draught excluder or rubber extrusion?

The hairy worm woven brush pile draught excluder Click To Buy The Hairy Worm Brush Pile

Our products include but are not limited to:

Industrial Seals
Silicone Extrusions
Weather Stripping
Brush Seals
Brush Strip
Door Seals
Rubber Extrusions
Plastic Extrusions
EPDM Extrusions
Rubber Mouldings
Silicone Tubing
Rubber Moulds
Sponge Extrusions
Polypropylene Pile Seals
Silicone Extruded Tubes

In addition to the above, The Hairy Worm are also able to source some of the most difficult to locate engineering components including a full range of O-rings, washers and spacers in any material UK wide. Many extrusion dies are available with realistic lead times. Please contact us for more information or a quotation.

We are able to offer comprehensive advice on any draught proofing problems you may be experiencing. Our range of draught excluders is capable of thoroughly sealing any style of window or door, regardless of its size! We have designed and manufactured our draught excluders over many years of working in the industry and encourage you to investigate our product listing more closely.

Why Choose The Hairy Worm for your sealing needs?

We are the leading UK specialists in draught proofing
We have access to many standard shape sections to ensure that we can provide a bespoke draught stopper or rubber extrusion which perfectly suits your requirements
We strive to deliver all of our products to you promptly (within a few business days)
We welcome any drawings to offer a competitive quotation which encompasses production through to your finished extruded parts
We also welcome moulding enquiries in rubber or plastic. For some straight-forward, impartial advice, please don't hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team.

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