Bore Polishing Mops - Innovative Brushes for Light Polishing

17 March 2014

Ken King of King Design in Fife has told us about a great application for one of our products he came up with.

The idea came to Ken when he needed to polish some bores. Looking around at the materials he had to hand, he had a flash of inspiration.

He realised he could achieve what he wanted to do using:

     One of our nylon pile draught excluder strips, which was 6mm in width and 6mm in depth.
     A broom handle

Click here to find out what Ken did.

Should you wish to order a similar brush to handle all of your polishing requirements, the dimensions of the average brush are 6.7mm x 6mm and cost only 5.79 if you source and utilise your own broom handle! Please contact us to find out more.

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