Draught Proofing Products

Durable, Long-lasting Draught Excluders for your Doors, Windows and Pets

Technical advice is freely offered on how to seal any particular type of window, whether you have old Victorian sliding sash timber windows, modern PVCU windows or aluminium windows. You could have a church door or even an aircraft hanger requiring new draught excluders. We will be able to help!

We have a full range of industrial draught excluders for all types of industrial doors, garage doors, shop front doors to aircaft hanger doors. We also sell a range of very high temperature seals for all industrial size oven or kilns.

We can advise on draught proofing any poor fitting window or door with our full and comprehensive range of draught proofing and sealing products.

Why do I need draught excluders?

Draught excluders are not just for draughts, but provide noise reduction and dust reduction as well as to stop insects and other vermin from being able to enter via gaps under doors and windows.

Some household doors and windows already incorporate a weather strip groove or the old seals are worn or badly compressed and need replacing. We will need to see samples of the old parts of weather strip to be able to match against them and choose the ideal draught proofing seal for your requirements.

We can help with your draught proofing from the size of a cat flap to massive aircraft hanger doors!

We have many high quality draught excluders to choose from, including:

Thehairyworm brush pile draught excluder
Brush strip draught excluders for external doors
Rubber seals and draught excluders
Garage door seals and draught excluders
Cellular Foam Strips

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